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ICACC becomes one of the first Chambers nationwide to accept Bitcoin

March 14, 2018 at 1:36 PM


ICACC is among first Chamber organizations in the country to adopt cryptocurrency


IOWA CITY– When Bitcoin/Blockchain consultant Cameron Schorg approached the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce about using cryptocurrency to pay for a Chamber membership, President and CEO Kim Casko looked into whether other Chambers had also done so.

She found none.

So the ICACC is taking a bold step into that new world, by announcing that the Chamber now accepts Bitcoin from members. It's possible that this makes the ICACC the first traditional Chamber organization in the country to do so.

"If there is another one, we haven't found them," Casko says. "We did a lot of research before going forward with this, and talked to a number of other Chambers around the country. We couldn't find anyone else who was accepting Bitcoin other than us."

Schorg, who was one of three keynote speakers at the Chamber's Annual Banquet in February, is the first Chamber member to use Bitcoin to pay for membership. Casko says the Chamber is looking into other areas where Bitcoin to be accepted, such as event registrations.

"I've been a big evangelist for Bitcoin and Blockchain, and spending a lot of time consulting with people and helping them to understand how to get involved," "By accepting Bitcoin, using it and transacting with it, the main benefit to both the Chamber and to individual merchants is education. If you are using Bitcoin, you are now five steps ahead of anyone who doesn't accept cryptocurrency."

Schorg assisted the Chamber in getting set up with a processor called BitPay, which allowed the Chamber to send Schorg an invoice for membership dues that he could pay in Bitcoin through a mobile device. 

"I'm hoping that we are creating a model here for other Chambers of Commerce to follow," Schorg said. "This is showing the world that we are doing very forward-thinking things here in Iowa City, and the fact that they're accepting Bitcoin means that the Chamber is positioning itself for a much different future. I think that's really important." 


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